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Join North West London Procurement Services and lead the way for a new approach to procurement in the NHS


Welcome from Lee Jackson
Managing Director - North West London Procurement Services

I am pleased to announce that the first phase of our recruitment campaign is complete and the new structure for North West London Procurement Services is taking shape. We have attracted exceptional, high-profile talent into our shared service I have been delighted to welcome all our new team members into the organisation.


We are now embarking on the second phase of recruitment and applications are open. Please continue reading about our team and have a conversation with our recruitment partners at JSS about the exciting roles available.


Lee Jackson

Managing Director

North West London Procurement Services - Partner Organisations

Partner Organisations

Partner organisations across NWL spend £1.7 billion on goods, works and services. This presents a great opportunity to drive a strategic sector-wide approach to Procurement, improve transparency, value for money and reduce cost. Additionally, this wide range of spending enables our team members to learn new categories and grow professionally in a varied environment. The Procurement Strategy “Stronger Together” and action plan is essential to ensure that the sectors expenditure is aligned to sector objectives to achieve the sector priorities.


The North West London Procurement Shared Service is the agreed vehicle to deliver increased value from our procurement services and to support the development of new commercial opportunities across the sector. 

Partner Objectives

The two major objectives of the consolidation are around the improvement of:


1. Consolidation Effectiveness, Providing ICS wide access to knowledge, resources and capabilities required for optimum effectiveness.

2. Consolidation Efficiency by realising economies of scale, reduced transaction costs, improvement of services, and harnessing digital technologies.

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